Re-branding UcanEv


This project addressed the multi-layers of stories in the interior space of UcanEv Cafe in Istanbul. Each floor of this cafe has a distinct spatial narrative and offers the customer a unique interior atmosphere that generates a variety of specified activities. The aim of this project was to enhance the multiplicity of UcanEv by generating spatial identities for each floor with graphical elements. Each floor is an independent entity, while at the same time, it also should be seen as part of the whole storyline. The graphic elements on the circulation area, the signage system, the cutlery and the dinnerware are designed to weave each fragment of the stories in UcanEv into a complete narrative.

Anak Agung Ayu Suci Warakanyaka, Fall Semester 2015/16


The project area is a newly discovered cave belonging to ‘ARGOS in CAPPADOCIA’ hotel in Uçhisar, Cappadocia. The cave has very many structural tunnels, pits and special structures.

To preserve the ceramic heritage with events and workshops in certain times.
To encourage women living in the region (Uçhisar) to sell their own products and earn money.
To create a new public area in Uçhisar where they can communicate with tourists.
To enable visitors to experience the cave atmosphere.

The principal idea is to formaxial straight lines on the floor plans as opposed to the organic structure of the cave. The starting point of the design is the millstone stave belonging to the cave and the axes coming from it. This axes helps to portion the space and to create boundaries between functions. Since the Erciyes Mountain offers a magni¬ficent view of the cave, a terrace was born from the projection of the axes that were formed on the ground level.  The tunnel of the cave is covered and exhibited with glass surface. The pit which is 2.40 cm deep will be used as the sink area which will be used during the workshop where the pit is made of rock carved stairs.

Reyhan Dadakoglu, Fall Semester 2016/17

Cucoon - A divertissement for women and children




Wars and political scenarios leave many families devastated and abandoned – children lose their parents, their childhood; women lose their men to war and are left to earn a living for themselves and their little ones. This indeed is a difficult situation for them because they have rarely been exposed to the outside world. Instead they have been protected in a secluded environment all their lives, and the sudden change is a scare to them. 

Cucoon is a chance at a better life in a small way. The idea is to provide a safe and comfortable environment with basic necessities, a better lifestyle, basic education (language to help them communicate with the localities), security and is an opportunity to help one another. It is also a divertissement in terms of recreation and catalytic experiences to create a happy home. This is an attempt at a humanitarian and utilitarian response. 

The site where Cucoon shall be situated is Kibrithane, an old Ottoman match factory which lies on  the European side of Istanbul, on the shores of Kucukcekmece Lake. The Ottoman Matches Factory continued production until the beginning of the 1900s but was then shut down because it was not efficient anymore. Nowadays, it is used by advertisement and production companies as a shooting location.

Deepika Saravan, Spring Semester 2017

Black Box Theater Lefkosa



The base of this future oriented design con¬cept is a market hall in the municipal mar¬ket of Lefkosa, the largest city on the island of Cyprus. The city is divided into a southern Greek part and northern Turkish part. The market is located right next to the UN buffer zone in the north. 
It is open every day and offers different kinds of food as well as butchers, poultries, cafés, res-taurants and clothing. Although the market place turns into a more and more touristic area, it is still a meeting place for local peo¬ple who come together and communicate. 

Currently the hall is has no specific use and functions as general storage place. Though the infrastructure needs to be renewed, the basic structure of the building is in a good condition. Apart from a mezzanine floor, no other levels exist in the hall. 

Mostly rough materials like a wood ceiling painted in chestnut color, a light concrete floor and a level construction made of steel dominate the huge space. Furthermore, the hall is characterized by high ceilings, bright¬ness and a clearly arranged, generous layout.

This design concept offers a future oriented design to install a black box theater in given space.
It is based on the idea of using curtains to create a room-in-room system. In this way, the interior offers a lot of spatial flexibility. It can be easily adjusted to different uses of the space during day or night. Furthermore it is a low cost solution with less constructional interventions. The new and the old architecture will be clearly visible and the height of the space will be used effectively. 
The new overall design feels authentic to the existing character of the market place and only adds a new function. 

The concept will affect the whole area in the way of attracting people and offering a place for young, talented people who are interes¬ted in theater, art and other related subjects. 
Besides the black box theater, the concept generates an open space for yoga lessons or other activities during the day, a cafe and kiosk, different offices and a workshop and atelier space as well as storage space.

Wiebke Mennerich, Spring Semester 2016