Founded in 2002, the ITU Department of Interior Architecture began undergraduate courses in the 2002-2003 academic year. The undergraduate program was generated as part of the contemporary metropolitan character of Istanbul, as well as the evolving architectural education paradigms, research and tools.

The aim of the program is to give students the skills and abilities to transform the scientific, technological, artistic, and intellectual knowledge of the interior architecture field and profession.

The annual new enrollment of the undergraduate program is approximately 60 students per academic year and there are more than 330 active students registered in the department within the undergraduate program. Until the end of the 3rd semester, undergraduates are part of a joint program with the Architecture department. This provides students with an essential architecture foundation and also allows them the opportunity to pursue a double major or program transfer credit. At the beginning of the 4th semester, undergraduates take courses and design studios specifically related to interior architecture. Scholars and professionals in the interior architecture field teach these related courses and studios.  

Students must fulfill a total of 155 credits in order to graduate from the program and the curriculum consists of 52 courses: 44 compulsory and 8 electives.

Student's Catalog Term: After 2017-2018 Fall Semester (%30 English)




I. Year

Project I

Visual Com. I: Visualztn. & Tech. Drawing

Basic Design and Visual Arts

Introduction to Interior Architecture & Ethics

Academic Advisor Meeting

Mathematics I


Project II

Visual Com. II: Visualztn. & Perspective

History, Theory and Criticism in Interior Architecture I

Introduction to Programming Language (Python)

Academic Advisor Meeting

Strength of Materials English Course I

II. Year

Project III

Principles of Loadbearing Structures History, Theory and Criticism in Interior Architecture II

Building Materials I

Academic Advisor Meeting

English II

Building and Construction in Architecture

3rd Smstr Elective Course (ITB)

Interior Architectural Design Studio I

Survey and Representation Techniques in Interior Architecture

History, Theory and Criticism in Interior Architecture III

Academic Advisor Meeting

Architectural Building Element Design

Environmental Control Studio

4th Smstr Elective Course (ITB)

III. Year

Interior Architectural Design Studio II

History, Theory and Criticism in Interior Architecture IV

Space and Furniture

Investigating Color and Light in Interior Architecture

Academic Advisor Meeting


Advanced Representation Techniques

Statistics for Research and Design

Interior Architectural Design Studio III

Project Documentation and Cost Estimation in Interior Architecture

Building Materials II

Design Principles of Interior Finishing Systems

Academic Advisor Meeting

6th Smstr Elective Course I (ITB)

6th Smstr Elective Course II (MT)

IV. Year

Interior Architectural Design Studio IV

Paradigms and Case Studies in Adaptive Re-use

Professional Practice and Ethics in Interior Architecture Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revonation I

Academic Advisor Meeting

Turkish I

7th Smstr Elective Course (MT)

7th Smstr Elective Course (MT)

Diploma Project

Communication Design in Interior Architecture

Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revonation II

Academic Advisor Meeting

Turkish II

8th Smstr Elective Course I (MT)

8th Term Elective Course II (MT)

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